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6 reasons why you should choose  CBL

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Multiple Embroidery Machines for Your Choose

Portable Two Head  Machine CBL-1802SC

Slim Cylinder  One Head CBL-1801SC

Multi-head Tubular Type CBL-1206CH

High Speed Flatbed Machine CBL-924FH

Chenille Type MFC-60909H

Laser Embroidery Type CBL-0902FH-S-C-LC

Voice of Our Global Customers

Start cooperation from 2014,we already have 26 sets CBL machine ,all the machine good performance,even your company don’t have branch office here,but we can ask for help any time,so we don’t need to worry about the after sales service!I will recommend your machineto our customers and my friends!

Cathy, Philippines

CBL single head machine working very well,this the third time i purchase your machine,my customer very happy about your machine,i will make my best effort to boost sales in Ireland

David Egan, Ireland

I am not 100% satisfy of your machine quality compare to Tajima machine, but 100% satisfy of your service and technology support,thanks for your all kindly help.

Tinu, USA

Machine accessories longer use life than other brand,we don’t need to replace the parts frequently.CBL is the best quality brand from China.Thank you.

Sainova, Germany

I believe”i will get what i paid”,i bought a small machine from your company from 2008,still working very smooth even experience so long time. CBL is really a trust-worthy brand.

Katiner, Malta

Compard to TAJIMA TMBR SC models, CBL SC models have some technical advantages over TAJIMA while CBL prices are more competitive. Thank you for creating quality products with better prices. I am happy to be a fan of CBL

Sergei, UK
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