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High Speed Flatbed Machines

Available up to 88 heads,  CBL high speed intelligent flatbed machines are widely applied in knitting, tatting, cotton, leather, polyester,fiber, fabrics and other embroidery work.

Technical Features:

  • Color change method- Screw-rod color change
  • Stepping motor color change
  • Original Japan Koban hook-12RYPICC
  • Original Japan Towa bobbin case
  • Upper/lower shaft bearing: Taiwan SHL bearing
  • High speed arm
  • Intelligent TB system
  • Stepping motor jumping
  • Stepping motor trimming
  • Reinforced aluminum table support
  • Main motor-servo motor
  • Upper-thread holding system
  • XY motor- Dahao servo motor
  • Bridge body-Wuhan Steel ( The best in China)
  • Reinforced high speed linear guide rail
  • Silencer device- single cam double connection rod
  • Original Japan high speed reciprocator
  • Tension disk-Barudan lockstitch type
  • Take-up lever AB- Rolling ball design
  • Rotary hook bushing-self-lubrication bearing design
  • High quality main shaft belt

Control Panel Features:

  • Dahao A58 10” HD True Color Touch Panel
  • Memory capacity: 100 million stitches or 500 designs
  • Maximum design stitches: 2,000,000 stitches
  • Intelligent and sensitive TB Detection: Type3-Magnetic encoder
  • Stepping motor color change
  • Frame Function: Servo Drive
  • Lock-stitch looping available
  • Laser embroidery available
  • Beed embroidery available
  • Thermal cutting available
  • New Encryption available
  • Coilng embroidery available
  • Cording embroidery available
  • Multiple languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish,  French, Russian, Arabic

Optional Devices:

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