Laser Embroidery Type

//Laser Embroidery Type
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Embroidery machine with laser cutting system

CBL high quality embroidery machines can be fitted with super laser cutting systems. The one-stop solution greatly increases production efficiency and are getting more and more popular with our customers.

Technical Parameters:

  • Thread break detection
  • Automatic and manual color change, automatic start
  • Cyclic embroidery, edit pattern and pattern combination
  • Display memory design in sequence,preview design
  • Setting the offset point, save pattern’s origin point
  • Data statistics and embroidery parameters
  • Positioning idling, high speed idling, low speed idling
  • Automatic trimming
  • Rotate, magnify, delete, copy, combine and divide patterns
  • Patching embroidery, compensating of sating stitches,design from parameter;
  • Operation of patter periphery;
  • Needle down operation;
  • Set frame protection at power off, set frame origin;
  • Return to the start point or stop point;
  • Multi-languages available.
  • Servo motor for main axis movement
  • Servo motor for X and Y axis movements
  • Upper-threading holding system
  • Thread breakage detection by wheels and springs,intelligent thread breakage detection (also suitable for combination embroidery)
  • Stepping motor trimming
  • Active motor color-change
  • Jumping electromagnet for machine arm
  • stepping motor jumping
  • Heavy duty linear guide rail for X and Y axis driving
  • Reinforced bridge body of Wuhan Steel
  • Rail type of frame guide rail
  • Heavy duty frame bearing
  • Non-contact inductive lever switch
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