Multihead Tubular Type

//Multihead Tubular Type
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Multihead Tubular  Machines

CBL offers a full range of multihead cap embroidery machines up to 12 heads. CBL launched the first 12 head tubular machines in China to  meet mass production requests.

Division of Models

    ModelNeedlesHead       Display       Emb. Area               Machine Dimension
CBL-1204CH12410” LCD Touch Panel400X450mm/16”X18”2600X1340X1720mm/102”X53’X68”
CBL-1206CH12610” LCD Touch Panel400X450mm/16”X18”3400X1340X1720mm/134”X53”X68”
CBL-1208CH12810” LCD Touch Panel400X450mm/16”X18”4200X1340X1720mm/165”X53”X68”
CBL-1210CH121010” LCD Touch Panel400X450mm/16”X18”5000X1340X1720mm/197”X53”X68”
CBL-1212CH121210” LCD Touch Panel400X450mm/16”X18”6600X1340X1720mm/260”X53”X68”
CBL-1504CH15410” LCD Touch Panel400X450mm/16”X18”2600X1340X1720mm/102”X53’X68”
CBL-1506CH15610” LCD Touch Panel400X450mm/16”X18”3400X1340X1720mm/134”X53”X68”
CBL-1508CH15810” LCD Touch Panel400X450mm/16”X18”4200X1340X1720mm/165”X53”X68”
CBL-1510CH151010” LCD Touch Panel400X450mm/16”X18”5000X1340X1720mm/197”X53”X68”
CBL-1512CH151210” LCD Touch Panel400X450mm/16”X18”6600X1340X1720mm/260”X53”X68”


  1. 500mm head interval model is available as required.
  2. 18 needle model is available as required.
  3. OEM&ODM orders are welcome.

Technical Parameters:

  • Servo motor for main axis movement
  • Thread breakage detection by wheels and springs,intelligent thread breakage detection (also suitable for combination embroidery)
  • Stepping motor trimming
  • Stepping motor color-change
  • Stepping motor hooking
  • Stepping motor jumping
  • Upper-thread holding system
  • Screw-rod color change system
  • Heavy duty linear guide rail for X and Y axis driving
  • Reinforced bridge body of Wuhan Steel
  • Rail type of frame guide rail
  • Heavy duty frame bearing
  • Thread break detection
  • Automatic and manual color change, automatic start
  • Cyclic embroidery, edit pattern and pattern combination
  • Display memory design in sequence,preview design
  • Setting the offset point, save pattern’s origin point
  • Data statistics and embroidery parameters
  • Positioning idling, high speed idling, low speed idling
  • Automatic trimming
  • Rotate, magnify, delete, copy, combine and divide patterns
  • Patching embroidery, compensating of sating stitches,design from parameter;
  • Operation of patter periphery;
  • Needle down operation;
  • Set frame protection at power off, set frame origin;
  • Return to the start point or stop point;
  • Multi-languages available.

Control Panel Features:

  • Dahao A58 10” HD True Color Touch Panel
  • Memory capacity: 100 million stitches or 500 designs
  • Maximum design stitches: 2,000,000 stitches
  • Intelligent and sensitive TB Detection: Type3-Magnetic encoder
  • Stepping motor color change
  • Frame Function: Servo Drive
  • Lock-stitch looping available
  • Laser embroidery available
  • Beed embroidery available
  • Thermal cutting available
  • New Encryption available
  • Coilng embroidery available
  • Cording embroidery available
  • Multiple languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish,  French, Russian, Arabic


Machine Highlights:

        • Original Japanese Koban Rotary Hook
        • Original Japanese Bobbin case
        • Original Taiwan Hook gear
        • Machine body-Wuhan steel (The best in China)
        • Original Japanese motor belt
        • Original Japanese Reciprocator Slide block
        • Original Japanese Rotary hook shaft bushing
        • Take-up lever Driving lever AB-Ball design
        • Reinforced table stand to reduce vibration
        • Easy and quick snap-in&snap-out design, saving hoop replacement time greatly

Hoops&Cap attachment Included

Optional Devices:

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